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Teji Valve Group Passed the Provincial Industry New Product Acceptance


On Nov. 18th, 2013, authorized by the Economy & Information Commission of Zhejiang Province, theBusiness and Information Technology Bureau of Yongjia Countyorganized a meeting to review two provincial new products developed by Teji Valve Group Co., Ltd--multifunctional dual safety shutoff bleed valve & large-diameterhigh-pressure ball valve for natural gas pipeline transportation .

Bibi Zheng, the deputy director of Yongjia Economy & Information Bureau and Xiaoqiong Huang from the Investment Bureau attended the meeting and made a speech. The evaluation expert group consists of five professors include Jilong Yang, Xudong Hu, etc. Yawei Peng, the person in charge of Teji’s research and development department made a summary of the technical work, and gave the economic benefits analysis report, test report and science & technology novelty search report. After reviewing the relevant technical documents, the experts questioned and listened to the enterprise’s reply. They agreed that the technical documents supplied by Teji Valve Group are complete, standardized and consistent with the review requirements. There are a number of unique technical innovation in the structure and technology, and the technology of the products are respectively at the leading level and advanced level of the domestic similar products. Professor Jilong Yang, the leader of the evaluation group, considered that the new products we developed are successful, and put forward his valuable views and suggestions.
Bibi Zheng, the deputy director of Yongjia Economy & Information Bureau, offered sufficient affirmation of our company’s new product project, and encouraged our company to increase development efforts on new products, further strengthen and expand, set a good example of technology innovation, transformation and promotion, and boost the economic development of Yongjia county.
Our group leader expressed sincere thanks to the expert group and their valuable advice. Our company has always considered the technological innovation as the soul and dynamic. We constantly adopted new and high technology and advanced equipment to upgrade the industry foundation and the product technology, promote the transformation and upgrading of the products, continuously meet the market demand, and strive for new breakthrough in the fierce market competition.

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